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5 Surf Films to Watch In Isolation

Ride the White Horse is an all-time Bob Evans film that was shot in 1966. Sit back and enjoy sublime and exciting 16/35mm footage of famous local surfers and identifiable Australian beaches and Aussie cossie culture, I mean what's not to love about it; early footage of teenage Midget Farrelly hotdogging freestyle. Not to mention the beautiful old cars and the early scenic shots of Byron Bay and our hometown Noosa in 1966. You can watch the trailer here.

Children of the Sun hits a little close to home with us, it will stir memories of the happiest days in any surfers life... those uncomplicated hot sunny days... the best part crowds! Filmed in 16mm, circa 1965-67, around the virgin coastline of New Zealand and the classic points of our home Noosa Heads, Australia. 

Californian surfer George Greenough shows the stand up surfers a new way of surfing on his spaceship-like 'spoon' during a time when most surfers were riding heavy Dfin longboards.

This film is a must-see for EVERYBODY it truly demonstrates how far ahead George Greenough truly was. There is very little footage of Greenough surfing, as he avoided cameras, if there is one document that illustrates his beautiful flowing style, this has to be it!


The Inner Most Limits Of Pure FUN is the only feature length film that George Greenough ever made and that alone should be enough for every surfer on the planet to have seen this. The best part is Greenough MADE this film and it is FUNKY. 

Watch trim masters Ted Spencer, Greenough, and Chris Brock enjoy empty waves with beautiful style around Lennox Point and Angourie in a very different time. 

The film closes with Greenough's iconic 'Coming Of The Dawn' sequence, shot from inside the tube at Lennox Head - the first-ever 'in-the-tube' footage in recorded history. What are you waiting for, get watching daughters!

The Natural Flow (1971 by Steve Core) is one of the real classics in Australian surfing films, yet so unheralded by the modern era… it is a crying shame this film is not more recognised and worshipped for the pivotal document it is. There is nothing like it.

Stating in the opening scenes that the film documents a ‘changing of the guard’, I prefer to think of it as the end of an era…the very era we all love so much, surfing pre-legropes. In Natural Flow doesn’t have any longboarding, it is all shortboarding but the truly beautiful shortboarding, where the surfers are in harmony with the waves and they had to because they did not have legropes. Simply a must see for anyone who is interested in that beautiful era of pre-legrope shortboard surfing.

The Endless Summer...I know, I know most of you have already seen this one. Although sometimes I am surprised when this is bought up in conversation how many people have infact not seen this film. 

You simply cannot watch this film and not be inspired by the grace it portrays. Thanks to this film we all now have that lust and wonder for empty beaches and that mellow pace the boys found, the boys exuded, when they went on their worldwide tour in 1964. Everything has changed since then—everything but the waves of course. Sit back and relax and take a look at exactly what an endless summer should look like!


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