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Introducing our very first daughter of the sea, Anna. Anna is an enigmatic water woman. Who hails from the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney. Anna is a surface designer by week and lady slider by weekend. She can be found dotted along the east coast of Australia surfing anywhere between The Farm, Killea State Park to Noosa. She really does embody what it means to be a female slider. Combining her feminity with grace, beauty, and style. You'll find her dropping into waves on her vintage KEYO with a generous smile and a depth of sage. We caught up with Anna on a recent trip to The Farm, asking her a couple of questions about her sea story and also capturing a few snaps of her completely in her element. 

When did your love affair with the sea begin?

I have always loved the sea having spent a lot of time on the water with my dad, however it’s only been in the last five years that I started surfing thanks to my boyfriend's patience!

Who inspires you and why?

I draw inspiration from the people I surround myself with and the people I come across along the way. I’m always interested in someone’s approach to the way they live and will take it on board if it resonates with me.

What do you love most about the sea?

I love how the ocean's natural energy can create such endless joy. So pure!

Why is surfing an important part of your life?

It’s something you can never master. No matter your skill level you can constantly challenge and push yourself. 

What is your favourite surf spot?

So tough, The east coast is full of amazing waves! I have had some amazing surfs at Treachery and always love visiting Crescent, Byron and Noosa. However, I’d say I frequent Queenscliff and Freshie the most. 

What are the other activities that you like to do when you’re not surfing?

Right now I am knitting myself a cardigan. I’m about two-thirds of the way! I have been working as a textile designer for the last four years so when I’m not designing I’m usually painting or working on some business idea that will never come to fruition 😅

Anna wears the She & the Sea mon chéri surfsuit in navy


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